Practice & Experience

Our firm was created from a longstanding dream our founder had to not only work with her daughters, but to create a legacy for them. Stacey Brown, our founder has more than 30 years experience operating successful businesses. She has managed business financials and taxes for a variety of business types.


Stacey is now sharing that knowledge with her three daughters. Empowering them, by teaching them to help others run successful businesses.

With this wisdom and experience, we took the standard model of accounting and enhanced it with technology to bring our clients a whole new experience. We are constantly learning and training on new ways to make YOUR experience better and smoother.

Experienced Advisors

We have professionals with over 30 years of tax  preparation, training and knowledge to guide you on your path to success! 


Ability to Stay
One Step Ahead

We are constantly doing research, training and webinars to keep up with the ever changing technology, laws and trends that affect businesses today. 

Knowledge That Can Serve Your Needs

We are able to find solutions to help you solve your workflow, bookkeeping or tax issues by learning more about each clients unique needs.  


Stacey Brown, Founder & CEO

Stacey has served the small business community for almost 30 years as a Tax Professional. She has worked with a variety of different business in different industries. She most enjoys helping small businesses pay the lowest tax legally possible. Stacey has worked with Realtors, Property Managers, Landlords, Contractors, Consultants, Salons, Home care services, Mobile Detailing, Machine Shops, Marketing, Salesperson, Farmers, Truck/Delivery Drivers and Lots of Side Gig entrepreneurs (Lyft, MLM, Uber).

She is a QuickBooks Online Advanced ProAdvisor a Certified Patriot Payroll Advisor and our firms Leading Tax Specialist. She is currently working towards her EA certification (Enrolled Agent, an IRS designation) and keeps up with annual tax education and training.

Stacey grew up in an entrepreneurial household, with both parents having owned their own businesses. Being a business owner and helping other business owners is in her blood. Her 3 daughters have not only watched but also worked beside her as she grew her business during their childhood. They now join her in business as bookkeepers and tax preparers.

Many clients have praised Stacey as a “miracle worker” or magician she responds with “My job is to find all the deductions and credits the client could possible take, most of which they never thought about or knew about.” Stacey goes above and beyond to do the research for each client to make sure she misses nothing they qualify for.

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Stephanie Brown,
Senior Accountant

Stephanie is well versed in both taxes and bookkeeping for both businesses and individuals. She has been working in the small business community for the last 3+ years. Prior to working with small businesses exclusively she was working in an auditor position with medical insurance billing for 10+years. she has worked with realtors, Property managers, Landlords, Contractors, Consultants, Coaches and Professional Service Providers.

Stephanie is our firms Chief Financial Officer and has been a QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor for 3 years and recently she became an QBO Advanced ProAdvisor. She is also a Certified Patriot Payroll Advisor and keeps up with annual tax education as well as other trainings.

Stephanie grew up in an entrepreneurial household, learning this business directly from her mom who is a 30-year Tax professional. Working side by side with her mom since she was young has given her many more tips, tricks and skills that she uses daily to grow in her knowledge of how the business works. She is a mom of one very bright daughter who enjoys running circles around her but who is also following her mom’s footsteps of being bright with a love of numbers.

Our clients enjoy working with Stephanie and have praised her as being a wonderful asset to their company. Have you made a mess of your books? She helps make the messes less messy!

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